The One & Only Stewart

In a recent article by Variety, Kristen Stewart takes on the role of a Personal Shopper. I can recall seeing the film preview in the movie theater and, boy, did the title and the beginning direction of the preview seem misleading. But I guess that is why it is being called “unconventional,” right?

I am biased, I admit. Post-Twilight Stewart has captivated me to no ends, taking on roles that defy the sweet, fragile character she had to play for that vampire saga. Now, do not get me wrong, I was a fan to no ends of the franchise, but not the biggest fan of her role. But she has quickly turned that all around for me.

I am currently watching Camp X-Ray, which also stars Stewart, and I cannot help but realize that her characters in these post-Twilight films seem to echo one another.

Viewers get her almost monotonous-voice, that same bleak-eye expression and her frigid movements. Not judging the girl. Again, I am a fan. But you can tell that that is not only the character’s personality seeping through, but bits and pieces of her own. Watch interviews, and you will know exactly what I am talking about.

Is it possible Stewart is purposefully choosing characters not that different from her “own style?” And by taking on roles that are very similar to one another, is she quickly burying herself into this “box” like Michelle Rodriguez (tough, kick-ass woman) and Zooey Deschanel (quirky, girl-next-door)?

The film still peaks my interest, somewhat. And I still got love for the Stewart, but I would love to see her divert to an unexpected character at least one more time and hit it on the nail. Maybe Café Society will do?


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