Hit Or Miss

In a podcast by Network ISA, M. Night Shyamalan’s Split is reviewed. The filmmaker first ignited my interests with The Happening. That trailer had been entirely vague, but yet, so intriguing. And then once finally watching it, my expectations were surpassed with the unforeseen ending.

Being a producer of Devil, I can say that I have seen two films he has had a hand in, and both had this “dead tone” to it, but a good dead. Pauses were used to great effect, and that was something I was not used to in horror movies. One, they typically are just stupid and it is common sense to keep running, not stop. And two, they are typically indulged in teenage hormones, which is just horrible and repetitive at this point in time.

In the podcast, Shyamalan is briefly scolded for his own scene of having two girls scantily seen on the screen for no apparent reason. And there is one part where a “typical hit” is used, that threw the reviewers out of the film. Jeff York comments, “You gotta have something that shows the victim is smarter,” and I could not agree anymore.

Most horror films having dumb characters makes me stray away from watching many. It is always the same thing over and over. Honestly, I do not see how horror movies thrive so much. I believe a lot of the trailers just show the greatest heights and then when you get to piece together the whole thing, it is completely disappointing. Most the times.

With that being said, I have yet to go see Split, regardless of the film being called as a “great comeback” from his past misses. I am not at all going to see Rings.

Shyamalan’s narrative of having a man with split personalities is fresh. Very fresh. But having a fresh idea means nothing to any horror movie if the exposition contains typical, predictable scenes. It defeats the whole purpose.

Eventually, yes, I will probably watch the film. But I take my time getting around to horrors and the usual disappointment that comes with them.




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