Staying True To Roots

In a recent Network ISA podcast, Pedro Almodovar and his film Julieta was the topic of discussion. If you are not familiar with Almodovar and his films, he is a must see.  At least one film.  I had the pleasure of seeing Volver with Penelope Cruz, and I have not forgotten a single moment of the film.

Almodovar is dedicated to sticking to his roots, and by that, I mean, he stays in his location of birth, which is rare. I adore the fact that he stays around and has not packed up and left for Hollywood or so. That is true dedication to be admired. And the fact is, he is still prospering from staying true to his roots, using real locations around Spain. You cannot say many filmmakers have done the same and gained a lot of attention.

He uses many symbols throughout his films, keeps them typically “woman-focused” and as mentioned in the podcast, he has this pace about his films that, for Americans, do not always settle well, but it still is able to “keep us engaged.” Well, some of us. His stylistic choices and colorful style may be what captures most, rather than the pacing. Jeff York went so far to mention that Almodovar’s films would probably never get made in America; the script would hit the trash bin by the tenth page.

That makes me wonder, does the dismissal of certain scripts say something about America maybe taking on the system of filmmaking wrong?


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