Does It Really Matter?

In a recent article by IndieWire, readers are given a play-by-play as to why TV show’s premiere dates are vital to filmmakers. Of course, good ratings are wanted and desired to keep being displayed on screens, and viewer counts contribute as well, but I have to wonder: is that all American TV should be about?

You want to appeal to the masses. I understand that. You want as many people to catch sight of what you have to offer. But I ponder on the thought of The Walking Dead being scheduled on Wednesday night instead of Sunday night. Now, The Walking Dead is a huge phenomenon; it has achieved success in ways that I cannot even comprehend. You just see dead people all the time, which give me nightmares, and it amazes me how long a couple of people can stay alive with such a huge group out to eat them, but that is a whole other story. With its huge success, wouldn’t viewers still watch the show on Wednesday night if they really wanted to?

I think about my favorite TV shows that are currently running (Jane the Virgin, The Vampire Diaries, newly added Riverdale) and how I make certain to work my times around the days they are coming on. I have the CW app, as well, just in case I miss the episode for whatever reasons, but I get it watched no matter what.

I just believe it is the story behind the TV shows that draw people in and keep them latched onto the train, regardless. And if a viewer wants to talk about the show, trust that they are going to talk about it; it does not have to be the topic of discussion first thing Monday morning. If the show is up and running, then that is all that matters, I believe. You still getting them seasons in, you are good to go.


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