Just Not Getting Any Better

A recent podcast put out by Network ISA talks Fifty Shades, and let me say, they are not “feeling the heat.” I had no faith in the first installment, and definitely had nada faith in the newly released one. I never stepped foot into theaters to view the film adaptation, but I surely got the bad reviews from all my peers, and they lost the interest they did have with the first one.

What is going wrong with this franchise?

There was so much hype that has completely left a variety of viewers unsatisfied. Jeff York is calling it a film “catered to ones who seem to know nothing about sex,” and that says a lot. There seems to be no plot, no real thought into the making of the film or making the characters likable, or not static. As a film goes on, it is supposed to gain momentum, not lose it.

Maybe the film was cursed the moment it was made to be a darker version of the Twilight series, because that first film was pretty bad itself with dialogue and acting, and it was just too blue. Literally. But those filmmakers were able to take note of what their viewers were criticizing and built the rest of the films up to par with the novels–if you ask me.

Can Fifty Shades not commit to doing the very same?

From the looks of it, this is one franchise that will go down in history as a sinking ship. And if the film sticks to the book numbers, only one more to get it right. Of course, by then, even if the filmmakers get it right, it will be the end…


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