Some Type Of Art

In a recent article posted by Variety, Shia LaBeouf’s infamous “He Will  Not Divide Us” protest is said to be moving from New York to New Mexico. One might wonder why this topic is of any importance to “film talk.” For starters, I have to say that Shia is an actor, so that kind of has some correlation. But, most of all, his way of protesting–which includes using a camera as a political tool–is his own masterpiece of, well, film.

In this digital age, his method is such a weird, yet innovative way of capturing art. A live stream is art to me. It is no different than filmmakers on sets with their cameras, other than the fact that real actors are not being directed to do action from a script, nor is there any editing involved or set lights being tampered with and so on; everything on the screen is live. And that is a beauty.

Shia has put filmmaking into the hands of the people. Beautifully uncensored, beautifully uniting different races and ethnicities to form this masterpiece is something I cannot recall has been done before. And this is meant to last four years. That is one long piece of art.


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