Advice for the Books

In a recent podcast by Network ISA, comedian and writer Carol Leifer discussed her book “How To Succeed in Business Without Really Crying,” dishing out some helpful advice for any one interested in making it in the entertainment business. And in all honesty, some of her words could be applied to more than just that sector of life.

It is vital for people like Leifer who have already made their steps inside industries to “lend a helping hand” to others. It not only helps, but really speaks volumes as to who that person is, which can gain them more appreciation, or even draw attention to them.

Leifer most certainly has gained my attention.

She began with the importance of word choice, which being a writer, I already have learned the importance a great deal. But it never hurts to hear it again from another’s mouth. “Would you consider” was emphasized as a way of getting one to take notice of an offer you have, or to get your foot in the door. It most certainly sounds more appropriate and nice, I must admit. Sometimes it can be difficult when trying to figure out how to reach out to others without coming off pushy, needy and etc.

Another word of advice that I believe most are so often to try avoid, or get discouraged by, pertains to failure. Leifer insisted that failure is necessary; it is okay. It is meant to help you, and when one really thinks about it, failure is all a part of living. When one screws up on a job, are they supposed to just throw their hands up and quit? I would think not, because the money is needed, so why do the same when it comes to something such as trying to make it in the industry?

And she also insisted that we must stop judging ourselves. She was referring to her standups, but it holds true to life. Sometimes, we can be our worst enemy and the only person holding us back. When we let that chain go, we keep going and keep pushing through. Hopefully, a big break will come at the right time.


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