Oscar Flub

In a recent article by Variety, the grandest mistake of Oscar night was explained. Many rumors have circulated: that the announcement of the wrong Best Picture was purposefully enacted for ratings and, of course, they chose the greatest candidates (because they were older) to deliver the mistake and etc. Ratings were the first thing that came to mind when I was clued in about the mishap. I have already discussed how ratings seem to be extremely important for television shows alone nowadays, so the “mistake” would not have surprised me if it had not been a mistake. But after reading Tim Ryan’s, explanation, maybe it truly was a misunderstanding.

Fixing the error was important–though it took quite a bit of time–but do they not have a pristine system by now?

The Oscars is such a huge event. It has been going on for decades upon decades. Maybe they might want to be certain the envelopes are labeled or something. Maybe even take a little peek inside to make sure they are handing off the correct envelope?

I get it, though. Accidents do happen. But what an embarrassing accident for the cast and filmmakers of La La Land to endure. But I applaud Moonlight and its achievement. It was wonderful seeing a colorful cast on stage, receiving the greatest reward of the night. It really did give a glimpse to young, minorities that they have a chance.


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