Beautiful & Gay

In a recent article by Variety, Bill Condon’s Beauty and the Beast, which is set to premiere in theaters March 17 is finding itself in the eye of controversy. Why, exactly?

Because a gay character has been included.

For this reason, Russia is contemplating banning the film, because of a law that prohibits “homosexual propaganda toward children.”

While the classic Disney film was originally created for kids, I did not imagine many children going to see the film. In fact, I was excited with the release of the trailer, and know many young adults, like myself, that are also planning to go view the film.

This was a classic that spoke to many kids that are now young adults. We are accustomed to homosexuality more so than any other generation. For the film to include an aspect of what we are familiar with and more accepting of, as Josh Gad, who plays the gay character put it, “[The role] is important.”

I imagine some not being comfortable with the “addition,” as if Disney never included other subtle indications in their films that have been exposed. If so, do not go and see the movie. It should be as simple as that. But this move, I believe, will reach many more viewers for the simple fact of including a gay character. I call it not only a generational maneuver, but a smart and beautiful one.


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