Get Out Of Here

In a recent podcast by Network ISA, Jordan Peele’s Get Out becomes the topic of discussion. Now, this is a film worth talking about and worthy of being talked about.

Timing is the first comment made about the film; the film could not have come at a more perfect time. And while I agree, I believe that this film could have come out a couple years ago and it still would have received praise for the simple fact of its content.

This sort of content lacks in the “mainstream film industry.” It is something real and has been very relevant to the African-American community that many directors of Hollywood who have the capability of making whatever film they want cannot comprehend, or have no relevance to such issues that should be brought forth.

Filmmakers get so caught up in what will “dazzle” an audience to generate as much buzz and financial success as possible, that they completely skim over the more “subtle” contexts that could truly further an audience’s attention, like Get Out does.

Not only the content, but for once, the audience was not served dumb characters. It did not take forever for the characters to realize something was not right, which is common with horror films, and for them to make stupid decisions.

It was a “fresh breath of air,” seeing that film for the simple fact that you do not get films like that nowadays, and if they are made, they do not get big screen time.

I hope filmmakers will take a note of how Peele captured audiences without “going overboard.” More films of the sort, especially horror, should use it as a guideline.



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