Let’s Talk About Issues

In a recent article posted by Variety, social issues come to the forefront through television series. Reggie and Gina Prince-Blythewood are anticipating their new series Shots Fired to air on Fox, which will discuss the current social climate and past (such as Michael Brown’s shooting in Missouri). Only thing, spoiler alert, they have made the conscious choice to make the kid a white male, and the cop a black officer.

I am a sucker for social issues, so I think it is about time for many networks to “hop on the train.” And, I believe, reversing the race of the characters is going to bring an important question to audiences, as well as maybe even stun some–we will be given a “mirrored look at ourselves,” and how society handles these sort of issues.

While I am not certain that the show will draw many “older” viewers (I could be mistaken) the show has opportunity to catch younger viewers, simply due to its contents.

Topics crossing race and social issues seem to be something the younger generation is really “clinging on to.” Social media has a lot of relevance to the awareness of problems, but it seems to truly entrance us as well.

It is a great start to making change and informing audiences across the country.



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