Make Way for the New VOD

In a recent article posted by Variety, studios hint at the idea of making movies available faster through video-on-demand, at $30 each. Now, this has been a topic of discussion for a long while. Fox, Universal, Warner and etc. (not Disney) are all in favor of making this notion happen–while Warner is more in favor of making the price $50, which is pretty high, if you ask me.

I find this idea interesting, because it shows how much of a cultural shift has happened since the start of movies and the opening of theaters. I can only picture theaters actually suffering more with this VOD option for newly released films some days after its debut on big screens.

I am a theater-going type of gal. I believe it adds to the experience of watching a film, with a community, and enjoying the atmosphere the theater has to offer. This option for VOD is sort of sad, because it will steal a little bit of “tradition” away. Being able to stream films has already stolen some of the audience members at theaters, but I would hate to see the movies become the new Blockbuster, which was a sad loss within itself.

I am curious to find statistics based on how many people would actually prefer to take part in this version of VOD. I am also curious as to what would happen to the ticket prices at theaters, if anything at all.


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