Television Movies are Not a Horrible Start

In a recent podcast by Network ISA, Gary Goldstein explains his beginnings with working with publicity and transitioning to screenwriting. Making a script for Hallmark Channel turned into multiple scripts for the network, giving Goldstein a great takeoff for TV movies.

Max Timm addresses how TV movies are not a bad start for any writer who is not going for more mature content. It is truly a path I never thought of, but he made a valid point that one can actually make a living off of creating scripts for certain networks, especially taking into consideration how many movies they actually dish out. And the genre ranges from comedy to family drama–and some suspense has been depicted–allowing some variety, despite the content limitations.

Goldstein also writes plays, which he makes the remark that plays are much more difficult to get produced than movies, surprising Timm. I, on the other hand, was not surprised at this comment, because they seem rare, unless someone with “good footing” in that realm is the writer, making it more susceptible to be produced. The reputation of the writer does not only seem important, but getting a great story across with the boundaries and limits that a play has, which is much different than a movie.



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