Raiding the Tomb Once More

In a recent article by Variety, viewers are given a sneak peek into new photos of the newest Lara Croft, Alicia Vikander.

I found this article to be of great correlation to some reading I just accomplished a few days ago–a book by Jay Epstein, The Hollywood Economist. It was in one of his sections that he spoke about Hollywood’s “unoriginal sin,” which is the remaking of film franchises. He commented that audience creation is the vital component to studios and theaters nowadays. By recycling this big-name films, it brings in more profit.

I find a couple of things wrong with this system, but I will not make that my main focus.

Growing up, I was a lover of the Tomb Raider video games. I can recall my sister and I having three of them and playing them from sunrise to dawn. However, I never watched the film or tried to rent it, and neither did my sister, for reasons I do not have an explanation for.

Upon hearing a new female is to replace Angelina Jolie’s iconic role, I cannot help but feel a tad uneasy. Vikander has humongous, strapping boots to fill. But I must comment, the way director Roar Uthaug described that the film would take a different direction, showing Lara’s earlier days rather than attempt to recreate what the 2001 franchise brought to screens, sort of puts me at greater ease.

Most remakes do not live up to the first, trying to recreate in a new way. They may make revenue in some aspects, but the playability becomes a flop with reviewers and audience members.

If the trailer and early reviews coming in seem mostly positive, I may just give the franchise a try for the first time.


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