In a recent podcast posted by Network ISA, Joey Medina shares his beginning–which includes multiple career paths, ranging from wrestler to comedian, along with director and writer–writing process, and a new pilot he is working on selling.

He pulled most of his writing from his comedy days, taking note that each are about timing. A writer has to be able to understand the translation between paper to screen well in order to be successful in the film industry.

Characters become prevalent to Medina, saying that characters must have personality–many scripts lack that, he claims. I would like to toss up, also, that characters should have their own distinctions between them. No personality to your characters, expect the script to be tossed.

With the mention of his film Missing, and him relaying that the film was on YouTube, I could not refrain from checking it out (I provided the link). It definitely does not seem to fit in the realm of comedy. In fact, it comes out a little too over-the-top for a horror, with all of the screaming. Maybe it is just me–I am not a fan of screaming. However, it was interesting seeing what work he was able to produce, based on not having paid actors and a low budget. His acclamation of awards for the short proves that you can still gain good credit if you do it just right.


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