More Asians Please

In a recent article posted by Variety, Ross Butler speaks about his characters in the CW’s groundbreaking Riverdale (I am enjoying every second of it) and the newly released Netflix series 13 Reasons Why–which I cannot wait to get my hands on.

While the start of the interview focuses on the roles and development of his characters, the interview takes a turn for the “real meat” of the problem–Asian Americans in film, or lack thereof.

As Butler noted, there are no “Asian-American Brad Pitts,” and that is a sad story. I think of how underrepresented African Americans are, and here Asian Americans are even lower than that–other than the occasional throw in on mainly Disney shows to get a “pat on the back.”

It is a problem that needed to be solved a long time ago, yet when I contemplate on how the film industry works–wanting what makes a profit more than anything else and the desperate need to draw in audiences to theaters when it come to big-name films–it is not surprising.

The majority adheres to Caucasians, not Asians or any other race. Why would any other race be casted huge parts, when they run the possible risk of not being able to relate to the audience members they need to generate profits?

To me, it is still not enough of an excuse. I aim to diversify my cast, because it is not only the world I live in, but I truly surround myself with different backgrounds. It is a beauty of America, and it should be shown on screens no matter what.



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