Douglas’ Scoop

In a recent article published by Variety, Michael Douglas gives readers an inside scoop on some of his thoughts and behind-the-scene information about films he has worked on. I think what fascinates me the most is the fact that I have become aware that many actors tend to trail off into the production aspect of films at some point in time.

Currently producing a short film myself, I can see why producing can be tempting to do, but at the same time, it is a lot of work–mainly when it comes to working and communicating with others and they not exactly reciprocating the communication line.

I ponder on the thought of age being a factor for some cases of producing, because I know age in the acting world is a definite factor–as Shirley Mclaine serves as an example in my last article. There is like a time clock aging an actor out of the “inside.”

But for Douglas to share his thoughts on different films he has had a hand in, and to do so honestly, deserves some respect to me. I find it more “human” when actors and professionals in the film industry take any amount of time to “disclose” their personal thoughts–even if it is something as simple as a score being added to a film and deciding if it should stay or go, or something more tragic like Douglas purchasing a Porsche for a writer who later died in it. Stories gain respect, especially personal ones that anyone else can relate to.


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