Is Your Voice Enough?

In a recent podcast by Network ISA, Jacob Krueger hits listeners with some serious insight when it comes to scripts and pitches.

“You need to be giving them something that they can’t get from somebody else,” Krueger says. Drop the mic.

What someone else cannot get is your voice.

I can literally rant on and on about this podcast, because it is too darn good. Krueger has the guts to admit that writers have an insecurity–doubt–in their writing, believing they are not good enough, which is something I struggled with immensely in the past, and the dark cloud continues to trail behind sometimes. However, this is a fear that has to be released. It does not only hinder one from writing the best they have, but it hinders one from getting anything out there at all. And when one becomes so focused on the money aspect of screenwriting–making sure they include elements that will sell–the voice is lost all together. It becomes meaningless.

Passion fuels my writing. Money comes secondary to the narrative I want to share. But looking out into the “real world” and seeing how many Hollywood films are being made and getting screen time, it does become intimidating to continue on the path I first set out on.

I adore how Krueger continues to persist that the passion is the most vital element to screenwriting, that it should also be shown in your pitch, and that it should not be lost. But I do worry that he might be one in a million who feels the same way.

Is heart enough? Is passion enough?



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