The Nun

In a recent article posted by Variety, it is announced that Taissa Farmiga (yes, Vera or Lorraine Warren, Farmiga’s sister) will be taking on the role of The Nun, a spinoff from the “legendary” film The Conjuring and its predecessor.

I cannot begin to express how excited I am for this spinoff. The Conjuring is my most beloved horror film to date. Insidious is up there, but it took it a minute–gratitude slowly building upon the extra installments. James Wan is a horror genius, avoiding the stereotypical, most the times, and getting great scares–many of them silent ones, with just a body lingering in the background–in at the most unforeseen moments.

Dead Silence was the first film I ever saw of his–not knowing he directed and wrote it at the time–that put me at a complete distance from dolls for a minute. The fact that his name is also attached to my all-time favorite SAW films does not hurt one bit either. Horror notes should definitely be taken by him.

Annabelle is mentioned, as well as a prequel, but that was one film I was highly disappointed in. I probably will not be going to see it, let me just be honest.

However, putting Taissa–knowing her character, the nun, was opposite of her sister’s, Vera, character–seems like a wonderful plan. Seeing her within the American Horror Story series has placed her high on the list of being acquainted with horror, and she being so young makes it even better that she has made it so far in her career. This is destined to be a ground-breaking role for her, and I am excited to see how well she portrays the nun.


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