What It Takes

In a recent podcast posted by Network ISA, Kylie Garcelon offers not only her beginnings to share, or her struggles, but some advice that has become quite emphasized with many guests interviewed, which makes the advice even more worthy of being noted.

Garcelon talks about her self doubt as a writer, which was formerly mentioned in a post by me. The self doubt as a writer seems to be able to be a stumbling block each and every time we–as writers–allow it to be. It is a barrier to break through, yet comforting to know that all writers have those moments.  Yet as Garcelon has proved, amongst others, the barrier can be broken down, allowing success to rise from the ashes.

It was also interesting to hear about her start in athletics, yet her heart “calling out to screenwriting”–once she accidentally stumbled upon a screenwriting app, she just could not stop writing. That alone, was very familiar territory, and I would think with many writers. As frustrating as it may get, to stop does not even come across as an action, because it is simply impossible. More and more ideas come to mind and they just have to be written down some way or somehow. And even if a break is a must, the title of a writer still remains emblazoned on your chest.

Time also became a subject of  conversation, which that is a pretty highlighted topic when it comes to writing. Make the time. Find the time. Write even if it is bad. Write even if it is for an hour. Just write.

When  it comes to the actual production process, like many others have suggested, try to get people who will help without pay. Make connections. That is the only way to really succeed. You have to get away from behind your desk, no matter how much of an introvert you are, and network.

Garcelon also mention submitting to companies that provided script coverage, opening herself to tough love. Criticism is a must. It can be helpful. Not always meant to hurt your feelings as a writer.

And last but not least, she mentioned the Nashville Film Festival, which I have had one day volunteering at, and one more to go, along with the enjoyment of catching some films. Perchance, I have already spotted her around. Or maybe I will be able to see her. It would just be a nice little addition to know I got the opportunity to listen to her wonderful, helpful podcast.




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