You’ve Been Hacked

In a recent article posted by Variety, it is confirmed that Netflix’s original series, Orange is the New Black has been hacked. The first ten episodes of the upcoming season, set to premiere in June of this year, has apparently been uploaded to a piracy site for viewers pleasure.

I hope the right people have been able to take the episodes down. If so, not all hope might be lost. However, if there are some barriers unable to penetrate the source, then all seems almost lost, except the final three episodes that were not included in the hacking, due to timing.

According to the article, the hacker, calling himself/herself “Thedarkoverlord” made a sum demand to the company, which was bypassed and resulted in the leaking of the episodes. While the amount first demanded was not mentioned, the hacker claims that the amount wanted would have been a lot less “damaging” to pay than the loss the series will take now.

The entire situation is a sad case, because the hacker seems to have many more shows that they are capable of “exposing,” and while I know that piracy is a problem, I never considered the thought of someone leaking a show that has not even premiered.

This begs the questions: how did someone get access to the episodes, and if they are a person that is on the inside of the film industry.

Fingers crossed that the perpetrator can be shut down.


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