Battle of what Sexes?

In a recent article posted by Variety, it seems as if MTV has decided to “shake things up,” combining the male and female categories of best actor/actress. Emma Watson took home the iconic popcorn award, beating out Daniel Kayuula of Get Out, Hugh Jackman and Hailee Steinfield. Typically, I would be all for “stamping out” any sort of gender inequality and rooting for fairness. However, this change has me a little saddened, and it is probably not for what one would think.

My main question is: how am I ever supposed to choose my favorites now?

Having the male and females separated made my choice of praise much easier than the combination of the sexes. In all honesty, I wanted Daniel Kalyuua to take home the popcorn, but Emma Watson served her role in Beauty and the Beast just as good–regardless if the movie was, overall, a tad disappointing. Granted, Kalyuua still took home a popcorn, but I can just imagine it now, some really good performances being pitted against one another, and even some performances not getting the chance to be nominated at all, due to the lack of space.

I wonder if the award show will continue this way from now on, or will they decide that keeping the genders separate might have been best. Either way, I am not crazy upset. As long as good, well-deserving nominations are being put on the board, that is all that matters.


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