Changes Changes

In a podcast posted by Selling Your Screenplay, Barbara Morgan, co-founder of the Austin Film Festival, discusses how “ignorance” got her started in the screenwriting/film industry. It was dinner with a film commissioner, lack of a film festival and a quick pitch that marked Morgan’s start out of nowhere, which goes to show how much easier it might have been for film lovers to get their start back in the day.

Now, of course, I find that a lot more is required of any one attempting to get their foot in the door–like knowing a friend of a friend that knows somebody to get your work in the hands of that somebody, because that is the only way it is going to be read–and a lot more are trying to. I find this a little bit more troublesome, not only due to the fact that I am graduating soon and will be trying to put my work out there, but some of the undeniable barriers that are in place–such as lack of women in the film industry–will hinder many voices that might be worth hearing.

Another change that Morgan addresses is the new acceptance of “fictionalized script podcasts” by the film festival in Austin. This new method involves the audio reading of scripts, which I find quite interesting, but tedious sounding. To me, it is similar to a different form of an audio book. However, I can see such a form being successful, only because most growth within the film industry is accepted in general.

A lot of changes seem to be the norm nowadays, and while I find it necessary at times, I cannot help but wonder and fear a tad where the film industry will end up not even ten years from now. Perchance, it is merely my “old soul” that has trouble adjusting. However, with many traditions of film slipping away, like the experience of cinema on big screens, I cannot help but want to hold on to them.


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